Indian Classical Music & Dance
Sussex, UK

Kala Jira Events Promotion


Kala Jira is a small events promotion organisation specialising in Indian Music for the Sussex area. Brighton resident, Marc Clayton started this organisation to help promote and encourage the performance of high quality Indian Classical music in Brighton and the surrounding areas. Marc was noticing that there was a distinct 'tailing off' in the number of performances going on in recent years and was missing the music that he wanted to hear in his local area, so in 2010 he started organising his own concerts.

Pandit Partha Bose and Pandit Shiv Shankar Ray, master musicians from Calcutta, came and played that year. Since then, these two maestros have been back and other high quality artists have also been enthralling the local audience, which has been increasing in size with each performance.

Marc is keen to create an awareness for this immensely deep music within the local community. He is a student of Indian Classical Music himself and hopes these events can give some space to this great tradition and be a benefit to the local community.

The musical heritage to be found in Hindustani and Carnatic music of India is of great value to the community because it was developed for hundreds if not thousands of years with intricate technical detail in both aspects of melody and rhythm. These systems which evolved for so long have culminated in a music which is recognised for its refined beauty by many cultures across the globe. Many other musical traditions have taken influences from this music and these influences can be taken as evidence of a wide appreciation of this music.

Kala Jira would like to be able to make high calibre performances of Indian Classical Music much anticipated regular events in the calendar for Brighton and Hove and beyond.


How can you help?

If you'd like to volunteer services to help get a concert organised in your area please get in touch.